Rally Memorabilia Room

On this page you can see some photo's of my rally collection memorabilia room
Here you will find all kinds of material... from a small Pin to a complete Bumper


There are 2 bookcases in the room

In the bookcase on the left are Cards, Stickers, Programms, Pressmaterial and Books ...and other small stuff
On top of photo you see a damaged Suzuki Ignis S1600 bumper of Pavel Valousek wich i obtained at Rallye Deutschland 2005

In the bookcase on the right are all kinds of Media & Competitor stuff
The 1st shelf is completely filled with WRC Rallye Deutschland like: Roadbooks, Rallyguides, Mediakits and Competitor Maps
On the 2nd shelf are also Media & Competitor stuff but from all kinds of different rally's
On the 3rd shelf are 2 rallydriver suits, the red suit is from driver John Bosch from his Nissan dealerteam period in 1992
On the 4th shelf are large rally event stickers and team notebooks
And on top of the bookcase are laying rally event bags, mostly from the Dutch championship


Between the 2 bookcases is hanging some Merchandising and Media & Marshall Tabards

On the photo right you see Keycords with rallypasses from all over the globe
From Dutch championship to World championship

There is also a glass showcase filled with lots of rare & unique rallyfan and memorabilia items
On the 1st shelf there is only ADAC Rallye Deutschland stuff since it was counting for the WRC championship


On the 2nd shelf there are Pins, Buttons, Arm bracelets and some more small things like that
On the 3rd shelf you will find stuff like Sparco Handgloves from Matthias Kahle
And an Invitation for a visit at a sheikh's palace during 2008 Jordan WRC rally

On the 4th and last shelf there is some rare & old material
Like an old Puzzle of Datsun Violet and Peugeot 206 WRC Tissues 
At the back are 2 Vinyl records (7" & 12") of Peugeot 205 from Gr.B period

In the room there's also a selfmade table out of a Frontbumper
I made a wooden board with 3 LED spotlights in it and fixed it onto the bumper
The second photo shows you the LED lights how it looks in the dark
The bumper is from a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI from driver Ronald Leemans
On the table there is all kinds of stuff like Matchboxes, Coasters, Pens, etc...

Left of the bumpertable there are some damaged rallycar parts
Like a signed Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII frontscreen from Hermann Gassner jr, a Vauxhall Astra GSI sideskirt of David Llewellin
And a damaged OZ rim of Bernhard ten Brinke from his Ford Focus WRC
On top of the rallycar parts you see various rallyteam Caps, and on the wall competitor doornumber Stickers

On the large wall before entering the room are hanging plastic Rallyplates (Marshall, Press, Competitor)
Most of them are from the Dutch championship, The last 3 piles on the bottom right are from various other European rallies
The last pile of those 3 are all ADAC Rallye Deutschland WRC plates

I also have in a corner of the room a small place for my Dakar & Rallycross collection
I not collect everything of this, most of it are cards & stickers and only of the manufacturer teams and Dutch & Belgium drivers